The Environmental Coalition of Putnam County is a Non-Profit Organization created to protect water and other natural resources from the negative effects of the application of sewage sludge, also known as biosolids, proposed to be brought from outside the county and dumped in south Putnam County, Florida.

The organization's efforts are focused on a proposed site on Old Highway 17 in Crescent City, because it has been determined to be more vulnerable to the Florida Aquifer System by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (see image below). This is likely because of the highly permeable soil in this aquifer recharge area, which has wetlands and is a FEMA flood zone.

Flowing through the property is a stream that drains from Silver Lake and runs straight to Crescent Lake at a place called Hurricane Point. Crescent Lake is already on the EPA's 303(d) Clean Water Act listing of impaired waters, and feeds into Dunns Creek and the St. Johns River. Allowing biosolids to be applied in such close proximity to the lake and watershed, which is already impaired, would be detrimental to the ecosystem, and not honor the TMDL that was put in place to protect it.

If we want to protect the natural resources that make this area the gem that it is, there need to be better protections to safeguard them. No one will want to come to this area or be on the water when algal blooms cause massive fish and bird kills due to elevated phosphorus levels from runoff from Class B Biosolids/Sewage Sludge dumping.

Class B biosolids can also cause the development of nematodes, or parasites, that can cause serious diseases and irreversible ecological damage. The proposed site would pose negative consequences for the habitat of endangered species native to the area. The area would smell of sewage, drinking water would become contaminated and the increase in semi traffic will further deteriorate roadways. This could have a profound effect on tourism and property appraisal values, which would devastate the area.

It is also important to note that American Bioclean, Inc., at the Volusia County location, has been found in violation by the FDEP for dredging and filling wetlands (OGC FILE NO. 17-0938) . The St. Johns River Water Management District also identified potential non-compliance by unauthorized activities in wetlands [62-330.020(2)(a), F.A.C.] at the property owned by Jennigirl, LLC., located on parcel 10-12-27-0000-0080-0000 in Putnam County (Item Number: 1425586).



Many of the residents of south Putnam County do not want this site here. There are over 1700 petition signatures in opposition to this proposed site and that number is growing rapidly. Get your neighbors and friends to sign the petition and send letters of opposition at the links located at the top of the page!

We are doing everything we can to prevent outside sewage/biosolids from harming south Putnam County. We encourage concerned citizens to join us in these efforts. Your help is needed to make a difference! Learn how to get involved here!